Building industry

In a palace near Poznań we applied our products for insulation of  terraces. In this case terraces were extremely susceptible to freezing, but after the application of our products, the problem ceased.

We had pleasure to take part in a big project of building the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. We insulated reinforced concrete elements with Porogel Medium Spaceloft.

Another challenge: we insulated heating installation in a boiler house of the Ministry of Finance in Warsaw. All work was done without  any heating outage hours.

We took part in a renovation of one of the oldest churches in Poland – a  rector church in Lublin. Our engineers used Porogel Medium Spaceloft for the church’s dome insulation.

Our products were used in many buildings on a housing estate in Gdańsk. We used Porogel Medium Spaceloft in roof windows and on floors.

A commercial building in Gliwice designed by Medusa group – awarded by SARP Katowice for a sophisticated approach to design.

Our insulation were applied during modernization of a historical building in Gdańsk Old Town.

Luxury housing estate Quattro Towers – four 16-floor skyscrapers in the very center of a Gdansk borough - Wrzeszcz.

About Us

Aerogels Poland Nanotechnology Sp. z o.o. manufactures innovative products based on the most advanced nanotechnology thermal insulation.

We are exclusively distributing thermal insulation products of Aspen Aerogels Inc (USA) in Poland.

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