Porogel Minus Cryogel (PMC) - a flexible aerogel blanket which incorporates an integral vapor retarder. It is engineered to deliver maximum thermal protection with minimal thickness and weight and zero water vapor permeability.

Use temperature from -270 °C to + 90 °C.

Porogel Plus Pyrogel (PPP) – an insulation blanket for high-temperature applications, reinforced with glass fiber batting. Aerogel used in this product guarantees perfect technical properties.

Temperature range from - 40 °C to +650 °C.

Porogel Medium Spaceloft (PMS) – a flexible thermal insulation blanket manufactured in a nanotechnology process. Applied for temperatures - 200°C do +200 °C.

General application

Products from a Porogel group have been applied in many industrial areas, in building industry, mining, heating, fuel and  energy sectors, military, automotive, apparel and even footwear industry.

The main component of products offered by Aerogels Poland Nanotechnology Sp. z o.o. is aerogel, composed mostly of  air (90%), which makes it the most efficient insulation with the lowest thermal conductivity. The air is surrounded by silica structure, creating nanoparticles which minimize radiative heat transfer. Moreover, aerogel is a solid body, built of silica particles which is a poor thermal conductor.

Porogel products are easy to use and highly effective because:

  1. They are very thin: 5 mm, 10 mm (or multiple), depending on actual needs.
  2. They have a fantastic thermal conductivity coefficient Lambda 0,014 W/mk at 5 mm.
  3. The material is very flexible – it can be applied in many ways, cut, fixed, glued etc.
  4. Hydrophobic and vapor permeable.
  5. They can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  6. Compression resistant. Porogel maintains its properties under high pressure.
  7. They can be combined with other materials if necessary.

About Us

Aerogels Poland Nanotechnology Sp. z o.o. manufactures innovative products based on the most advanced nanotechnology thermal insulation.

We are exclusively distributing thermal insulation products of Aspen Aerogels Inc (USA) in Poland.

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